3311 S. Shepherd Dr • Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) 528-4651 • Fax: (713) 528-5176
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Now Serving Happy Hour

Please join us for happy hour! It will be served from 3PM-7PM on Monday through Friday. Beers are $2 a bottle. Wines are $3 a glass.

Vegetarian Variety

We have one of the largest varieties of vegetarian dishes in Houston! Most of our vegetarian dishes are representations of our more traditional Chinese dishes substituted with high quality soy products instead of meat.

New Featured Dishes

We have some new and exciting dishes try! We have added four Udon Noodle Soup dishes to our menu. First, a Chinese herb braised beef that is slowly cooked to tenderness served on a bed of steamed udon noodles in a rich beef broth.